Handmade jewelry and crafts

My name is Katerina, I'm Greek and I live in a beautiful Greek island, Tinos!  I'm mother of two kids and I think this is my chance to do something I love, I want to focus my attention on my creationsand my babies !! !I think that knitting and making jewelry can make my life more exciting!!!!Since I was a child I liked to experiment with jewelry and from this I'm trying to make some extra income!In my shop you will find various jewelery, cheap or expensive. Also I'm in love with knitting and crocheting. if you notice slowly I try to evolve and test new materials!I hope you enjoy my creations ... and I would appreciate whenever you want to make your own comments simply sending me a message! any opinions would be welcome to become better!
You can find me 
Facebook >>> katerinaki jewelry
Instagram>>> @katerinakijewelry
Tik tok>>>> @katerinakijewelry

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